The Musings of a Street Preacher

Dr. Tracey A. Benson
2 min readAug 23, 2020
Me, realizing after 12 hours of yard work and deep thinking, that citation-less, bullshit-less, writing is my path to personal liberation.

I absolutely loved (possibly still love <I dunno if he is still alive>)the Madison, Wisconsin, State Street, Street Preacher. He is a larger-than-life, Black, dark-skinned, red-eyed force of nature. Over my four years at Wisconsin, I’d stop from time to time to listen to the passion in which his spit his rhymes, not in rhythm or rhyme, but with conviction. The fire in his eyes inspired me, because he exuded a “if you don’t like what I’m talkin’ then keep on walkin’” attitude, with no apology. He embodied Black Lives Matter in 1996 before BLM was a thing. He, assumedly, lived on the streets, and chose to set up his “stoop speech” whenever he wanted, undeterred by the desire to make money, convince the non-believers, or worry about how he was received.

I appreciate and acknowledge the un-named Madison, Wisconsin street preacher for his passion, conviction, and unwavering message, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”….even those who live on the streets, preach the uncouth word, challenge white supremacy, don’t bother with the oppressive formalities of “civil conversation”. I just Googled “Madison street preacher” (8/23/20") and came up with a few “Chads” and “Karens” who claim to be about that christian life, but nothing relating to the Black street preacher who, daily, without pay or compensation, set up his stoop to preach to the masses.

Personally, I don’t give credence to the expectations of academic couth (As a noun, couth means good manners, sophistication or politeness, like having the couth to hold the door — or hold your tongue if the conversation turns to touchy subjects like money, politics, religion, or a person’s physical appearance. The opposite of uncouth). Couth never liberated a nary person.

My mission is the liberation of “The Black” the “Perpetually Uncouth”….that is “Involuntary Black Immigrants (stolen negros)”, “Black Latinx”, “Black Asians”, “Black Europeans”, and “Blacks I’ve not mentioned here”…I Love You and I fight to my “last breath” for you.

This blog is a labor of love that is unavailable to be considered for my “CV” or props as a leader in the field. I desire to be, at heart, as street preacher….a person of influence but is unconcerned if I am forgotten….a catalyst for change…an altruistic voice against white supremacy in all of its forms.

BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!! BTW, Shame on any political party who wants to make RACISM a partisan issue.

(Please forgive any typos or grammatical errors because I, truly, am not concerned with the novelty of syntax over messaging) Peace, love, and blessings.



Dr. Tracey A. Benson

Anti-Racist Education Leadership Consultant & Founder of Tracey A. Benson Constulting